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In Florida, all companies must file an annual report to the Department of State in order to maintain an “active status”. The Sunbiz Annual Report is required whether or not changes need to be made to entity details, and is due by May 1st every year. Reports filed after May 1st will incur a $400 late fee, so make sure to file on time!

To file your Sunbiz Annual Report, you will need the following:

Document Number – your document number is the 6 or 12 digit number that was assigned to your entity upon your registration with the division of corporations.

Entity Name – the entity name is the official name of your company according to Sunbiz records. If you wish to change your company name, you will need to complete an articles of amendment form separately. This form can also be found on

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) – your FEIN is the 9-digit number that the IRS assigns to your company for tax identification purposes. Contact the IRS at 1-800-829-4933 if you have additional questions regarding your FEIN.

Principal Business & Mailing Addresses – The physical address where business takes place, as well as the mailing address for the company if it differs.

Registered Agent Name, Address, and Signature – The registered agent is the individual or legal entity nominated by your company to officially receive and send papers on your behalf. The registered agent must be a resident of Florida and cannot list a P.O. Box as their address.

Principals Names and Addresses –  Information for at least one principal must be provided. You will have the ability to change titles, names, and street addresses within the report.

Email Address – A confirmation and all future email communications will be sent to the valid email address the company provides.

Once you’ve gathered the information you will need to file your Sunbiz Annual Report click here to begin.

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