June 2017 Newsletter

|||June 2017 Newsletter

In the June 2017 Newsletter you will find our important dates to remember, some ideas on how to reward your employees for free, tips on marketing a “boring” business on social media, what happens in an “internet minute” in 2017 and a delicious cornmeal almond blueberry crumble!

Reward Your Employees For Free!

1. Let your employees know when they get positive feedback and tell your manager and their manager what a great job they’re doing too!
2. If applicable to your business industry, let each employee choose a half day to work from home. Flexibility is one of the best rewards that you can give a team.
3. If some employees aren’t interested in working from home, as long as all your bases will be covered, consider allowing them to shift their work schedule to hours that may be more convenient for them.
4. Find out if there is any special project or training your employee may be interested in taking on, and make every effort to give them that opportunity.
5. Write a detailed and honest LinkedIn recommendation, and let them know you’d be happy to be a professional reference in the future.
6. Consider easing up on your dress code. Many companies operate primarily over the phone and internet these days with little to no face-to-face interaction with clients. If it’s something that works for your company and you think it would appeal to your employees, implement a casual Friday.

Marketing a “Boring” Brand on Social Media

We expect big name brands such as Nike and Coca-Cola to come up with fun and engaging social
media marketing campaigns. It’s the businesses that sell less-than- glamorous products, or
hard-to-grasp concepts like antivirus software that aren’t so easy to market. This doesn’t mean you
should skip Social Media altogether. Chances are, there’s something exciting about your business. A
backstory? The contributions you make to the local community? Your company culture? Whatever it is,
finding pas- sion in what you do is the first step to marketing on social media. After all, if you
can’t show interest in your own company—how will others?

Tell a Story— Story is how we connect with one another. Wonder why the emerging social networking
sites are so popular? The answer is because people crave the emotional and powerful connection
that comes through telling a story. What’s unique about your company? Why did you venture out and
start your own business in the first place? What inspires you and what are your core values?

Be Memorable— There is a difference between having an online presence and an online personality.
Being quick-witted, funny, and personable can make a lasting impression on your followers. When
you share the human components of your company, people can feel as if they are connecting with
you. We know first hand that behind the scenes and personal content gets the most attention on
our social media pages. Promote your company culture and highlight your awesome work environment
and employees. Social media is a platform to establish and shape your brand perception to your
liking. So take your so-called ‘boring’ brand, find its fun, interesting, or exciting side, and show it off!


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