Payroll & Tax Solutions

Don’t let payroll and state and federal tax filing slow you down.

It’s very important that your employee’s payroll is correct and that it arrives on time. Additionally, there are deductions, garnishments, holidays, sick days, vacations and time off to contend with. As a business owner you also need to make sure you are remitting the correct employment related taxes for both your employees and yourself. This is where a PEO comes alongside you as your partner in payroll & tax solutions.

Payroll Solutions

PEO’s offer the ability to report your hours by phone, email, or to enter them yourself in an online system. The process of updating rates of pay and adding new employees is seamless when you run your payroll with a PEO. There are also many options for how you would like to pay for and receive your payroll such as ACH debit or COD. Employees can opt to receive live checks or direct deposits to their accounts.

Tax Solutions

When a PEO becomes your business partner, your payroll is run through the PEO’s Federal Employer Identification Number. This allows them to pay your employees and to manage their deductions and their income taxes. This also allows them to remit your employment related taxes for the employees and for your business.

In addition to the processing of the payroll, they will keep you abreast of state and federal regulations and compliance updates, such as any upcoming minimum wage and overtime changes.

The goal of a PEO is to alleviate the tedious tasks that take your time away from core business functions. They want to help your business to succeed and grow. We would love to help find the right PEO for you.

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