Florida Minimum Wage Increase

||Florida Minimum Wage Increase

Florida Minimum Wage Increase

In our December Newsletter, you will find details on the Florida Minimum Wage Increase, the benefits of using promotional products in your business, and a few gift ideas for the person who has everything.

Details on the 2018 Florida Minimum Wage Increase

Florida Minimum Wage IncreaseMinimum wage in Florida will be increasing from $8.10 to $8.25 per hour in 2018. Minimum wage for tipped employees is also increasing from $5.08 to $5.23 per hour. While the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, some states have a higher minimum wage rate. When the state minimum wage rate is higher than the federal rate, employers are required to pay workers the higher amount.

Are You Giving Gifts to Clients and Prospects for Christmas?

Consider giving your clients and/or prospects a useful promotional product featuring your company logo! They are great for keeping your business top of mind. Check out some statistics on the products below.

• 73% of people use promotional products at least once a week.
• 45% of people use a promotional product at least once a day.
• 58% of people will keep a promotional product for one to four years.
• 83% of consumers could recall an advertiser of a promotional product, while a mere 7% of them can recall the name of an advertiser after viewing a commercial on TV.
• 20% of consumers made a purchase from an advertiser after they received a promotional product.

Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

We all know at least one of them, the person who has seemingly everything they could want or need. What if you’d still like to get them something, even if it’s just something small or a thoughtful gesture? Check out a few ideas from realsimple.com below.

For the Animal Lover— Many zoos and aquariums throughout the US will allow you to “adopt an animal” on someone’s behalf. A contribution goes to help pay for the animal’s food and care. The recipient can visit “their” animal anytime and pick out new ones to support in the future. For the Lover of Beautiful Things— What is more beautiful than a fresh bouquet of flowers? Find a flower subscription service in the recipients’ area and arrange for a 3 or 6-month flower of the month club delivery!
For the Charitable— Make a donation to a non-profit that the recipient supports. Finding out what causes they are passionate about is much more personal than a random trinket.
For the Sentimental—Consider making a homemade ornament, framing old or long-forgotten pictures, or even just putting together a little journal full of reasons you appreciate them! Bonus points for scheduling a family photo shoot.
For the Minimalist — These days, many people prefer to spend their money on experiences as opposed to things. Think sports, concert or theater tickets. Perhaps a cooking class, or guitar lessons. Maybe even consider some less common activities, like a race-car driving experience or swimming with dolphins!
For the Workaholic— Schedule a house or car cleaning. Gift certificates for a local pre-prepared meal service are great for the health-conscious who are short on time. If they travel often for work, a AAA membership would definitely come in handy too.

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