How do you handle the relationship between the client, Alpha Business Solutions & your insurance company?2020-04-22T10:38:45-04:00

We understand that any prospect or client that we are allowed to quote and place with a PEO is always your client. We maintain the relationship with them as long as we have them with a PEO. If you or they ever have the desire to test the waters of a standard market at any time, we will gladly request loss runs and payroll reports to allow you to prepare the most accurate ACORD to go to market. In addition, if we hear of any other coverage that they are looking to get, we will let you know. Our relationship allows you to control workers’ compensation for a client for which you cannot find coverage.

Do you require a certain number of submissions in order for us to maintain a responsive relationship?2020-04-22T10:39:08-04:00

There is no minimum number of submissions to maintain a responsive relationship. We take the attitude that every submission is important regardless of the size of the submission or the origin of the submission.

Do you have minimum submission requirements monthly or annually?2020-04-22T10:39:27-04:00

No minimums! You do not have any idea whether you may need help with 5 accounts in a week or no accounts in a quarter. We want you to give us submissions based on the need and desire to use us and not an artificial number.

What time requirements do you have in order to get an approval?2020-04-22T10:39:47-04:00

The more time the better. However, we are able to put a rush on getting an approval if it means protecting a client from having a lapse in coverage!

When and how do you get paid? Does commission change based on the size of the client?2020-05-29T12:11:52-04:00

Commissions are paid when we are paid by our PEO partners at the beginning of each month (starting at 1 month following their first payroll with us). You will be paid through the life of the client (not just for a certain period of time).

What is needed for a submission?2020-05-29T12:12:15-04:00

All we would need in order to find the best solution for your client is an Accord form along with updated loss runs (3 years).

Can you help a brand new business?2020-05-29T12:12:38-04:00

Yes! We place brand new businesses all the time. All we need is a business resume and a signed loss history affidavit.

Do I have to deal with the signup process?2020-05-29T12:12:57-04:00

No. We have been in the PEO business for over 30 years and can walk the client through the process. However, if you prefer to be a part of the process, you are always welcome to be.


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