In our December Newsletter, you’ll find ways to stay productive during slow season, 25 things to do with the family in celebration of Christmas, and an easy appetizer recipe to take with you to any last minute parties you attend for the holidays.

Stay Productive During Slow Season

For many businesses December is busy and booming, however certain industries do experience a quiet period during the holidays; it can be very hit or miss. What can you do to stay busy during this time, or any other time of year where business tends to take a dip?

Network— Many people dread networking, but like going to the gym, it takes more than one day to see results. Networking is about building relationships and maintaining them. Slow season is a great time to regularly attend events, continue to build those partnerships and encourage referrals.

Volunteer—If time allows, volunteering in the name of your business not only helps others but its also an excellent time to make new connections and get your company name out there. Soup kitchens and shelters are always packed this time of year and are a great place to offer your help.

Take a continuing education course—Industries that require licensing regularly require licensees to complete continuing education courses. Slow season is a great time to check this off your to-do list and make sure your license stays in good standing.

Attend a conference—Attending a conference isn’t only a good way to build partnerships, but it’s a great way to stay informed of any up and coming innovations in your industry.

Reach out to former clients—What’s better than someone you who already knows and loves your company? Are you running a new promotion they may be interested in? Do you have a discount they can use for being a returning customer? Send an email or call to let them know you haven’t forgotten about them!

Put in some face time—if you have time and most of your current clients are local, why not pay them a visit or meet them for coffee? Let them know how much you appreciate their business in person. They can also be great referral sources for you.

Roundtable it—Gather the team and strategize! Review what you’re doing well and what you could be doing better and make a plan for action. Some companies are so busy at other times during the year they don’t have a chance to review their metrics. Brainstorming and setting goals are great ways to stay productive during slow season.

25 Days of Family Christmas

  1. Drink Hot Chocolate
  2. Call an Old Friend
  3. Light a Fire
  4. Build a Gingerbread House
  5. Go Ice Skating
  6. Make A Christmas Card
  7. Create an Ornament
  8. Make a Homemade Gift
  9. Sing Christmas Carols
  10. Bake Cookies
  11. Decorate the Christmas Tree
  12. Drink Eggnog
  13. Make Dinner Together
  14. Game Night
  15. Attend a Tree Lighting
  16. Random Act of Kindness
  17. Read a Christmas Story
  18. Snuggle on the Couch
  19. Watch a Christmas Movie
  20. Give Someone a Secret Santa Gift
  21. Start a New Christmas Tradition
  22. Write a Letter to Santa
  23. Build a Pillow Fort
  24. Open your Christmas Eve Gift
  25. Celebrate Christmas!