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We are a consultant firm assisting small to medium sized businesses by negotiating with our PEO partners for human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers' compensation. This allows our customers to meet pressing challenges and needs and focus on growing their bottom line. Learn more about us...

Non-Weight Loss New Year’s Resolutions

Non-Weight Loss New Year's Resolutions We've made it to 2018! In our January Newsletter, you will find a few ideas for non-weight loss New Year's resolutions, tips for avoiding office burnout,  and some updates of 401k and Social Security benefits. Non-Weight Loss New Year's Resolutions It seems that almost everyone resolves to get in shape [...]

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Florida Minimum Wage Increase

Florida Minimum Wage Increase In our December Newsletter, you will find details on the Florida Minimum Wage Increase, the benefits of using promotional products in your business, and a few gift ideas for the person who has everything. Details on the 2018 Florida Minimum Wage Increase Minimum wage in Florida will be increasing from $8.10 to [...]

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November 2017 Newsletter

In our November 2017 Newsletter, you will find out how to prepare your business for the worst-case scenario, how to beat the Monday blues, and a unique idea for what to do with those Thanksgiving leftovers! Check it out... Preparing Your Business for the Worst-Case Scenario A disaster or death impacting your company may be [...]

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October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter In our October Newsletter, you will find out how spending money on saving time can actually make you happier, how to determine if you were impacted by the Equifax security breach and a fall inspired caramel apple pretzel bite recipe! Want to Feel Better? Spend Money on Saving Time! There’s an interesting [...]

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September 2017 Newsletter

Septemeber 2017 Newsletter In our September Newsletter, you will find out how successful people spend their weekends, some hacks for stress-free tailgating, an easy recipe for slow-cooker beef nachos and more! Click the link above to view the PDF. How Successful People Spend Their Weekends Successful people know the importance of shifting gears on the [...]

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Can’t Find Workers’ Comp Coverage?

What do you do when you can't find workers' comp coverage? New businesses, businesses in higher risk industries, and businesses with a history of workers' comp claims may sometimes have a very hard time obtaining workers’ compensation policies. What are these businesses to do when they have run out of options in the standard market [...]

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July 2017 Newsletter

July 2017 Newsletter In our July 2017 Newsletter you will find our important dates to remember, some tips on preventing workplace injury, 8 ways to refresh during your lunch break, how to avoid the post vacation blues, and a simple grilled peach recipe perfect for Independence Day. Preventing Workplace Injury According to the National Safety [...]

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