Are you a local business owner in need of Sarasota employee leasing services for your company? If so, we have several partners that are located in and around the area, while having the ability to service all of Florida and beyond.

What is a Sarasota Employee Leasing Company?

Employee leasing companies, also known as PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) work with businesses to process their payroll, administer their workers’ comp policies and benefits and handle any HR issues that may arise. Additionally, they assist in keeping a business in compliance with state and federal laws and mandates.

Working with a Sarasota Employee Leasing company allows a business to focus on its core functions, and eliminates tedious administrative work, especially for companies that are just starting out. Studies have shown that businesses that work with employee leasing companies grow 7 to 9 percent faster, have 10 to 14 percent lower employee turnover, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business. Why not do things the right way from the beginning of your business venture? Partner with a PEO and allow yourself to grow!

PEO Matching Process

The PEO matching process consists of evaluating your business size, industry and any other specific services you may need. From there we give you a complimentary quote or a comparison to your current plan. The quote for the services will depend on the nature of the work being performed while taking into account your claims history.

Many of the Sarasota employee leasing companies we partner with are family-owned like our company, Alpha Business Solutions. We always strive to make the best choices for the clients we work with, whether that is in our company’s interest or not. One of our core business values is integrity.

For a Sarasota employee leasing comparison, contact us today!