What do you do when your carriers aren’t interested in a particular code? What happens when a client is non-renewed on their workers’ compensation but you want to keep the other insurances with your company?

Most think the only option is the State Fund JUA, which has a tendency to create more work and have an extremely high cost for your client.

Alpha Business Solutions has positioned itself as the go-to PEO broker by building great relationships with an exclusive group of PEO’s over the last 20 years. We can get better pricing and approvals that most can’t get.

By using Alpha Business Solutions, since we’re not an insurance agency, you can rest assured we aren’t going to try to steal your clients. We can place the client with a PEO to obtain workers’ compensation, while you service the other insurance needs of the client. AND, we’ll pay you commissions on any business we’re able to place for you.

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This whole process doesn’t fall on your shoulders. We can take care of getting the approval, signing up the client, and continually following up with the client to make sure things are going well with the PEO. And if there is ever an issue that requires the client to move to another PEO, we can take care of it all without you ever needing to lift a finger. In other words, we do the work and you get paid commissions!

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